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Akbar Aslam Winter Sale 2024 Upto Sale 30% off [Formal Collection]


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During this contemporary era, looking your absolute best has evolved into the fashion representation for the general populace. It is reasonably necessary to maintain a state of constant awareness regarding the most recent fashions and trends. Luxury women’s ethnic company Akbar Aslam fuses a contemporary design sensibility with time-honoured customs to create its namesake designs. Check out the Akbar Aslam winter sale with 30% off on limited items.

Every woman aspires to be the one who sets the standard by being the first to get her hands on the newest and trendiest styles and trends in the world of fashion. Those who adore fashion don’t want to settle with subpar designs, either. Skilled artisans on our staff produce dresses that are both hand-crafted and hand-embellished. This ensures that each dress is of the best quality and represents our commitment to our clients.

Five years ago, Akbar Aslam opened a small store to start his business. Today, everyone is familiar with the Akbar Aslam brand. The beautiful clothes made by this brand help women shine at events. So this is why it became too popular in only five years. It has lovely formal and wedding clothes in the most eye-catching colours every season. This season also has the most versatile and well-made clothes for women. Look down to see what I mean.

Akbar Aslam Winter Sale 2024 Upto Sale 30% off [Formal Collection]

Pakistan’s fashion industry desperately needs to adopt a greener business model. Every day brings about a new iteration of Pakistani ladies’ fashion trends. Another opulent and adaptable formal collection is now available from Akbar Aslam winter sale at a discounted price. The gowns contain very delicate yet sophisticated embellishments and are styled in a contemporary manner. Dresses made of crepe, organza, net, lawn, jacquard and Bemberg will be provided in the formal category of the brand’s website. New clothing styles are available on sale for women of all ages to choose from the latest winter collection.

In addition, it is the only brand that gives festive clothes that are 100 per cent authentic and help you stay warm and collected even when the temperatures are freezing. In honour of the festive season, Akbar Aslam winter sale presents a colour palette that is both feminine and romantic while also incorporating luxurious touches. Every hue is a work of art, from blood red with a stunning contrast of fawn to yellow with white, black with gold, and purple; each colour is tastefully embellished to form a statement outfit. The elegant hues and embroidered dupattas are appropriate for any formal occasion, including sending with wedding invites, because they complement the occasion. On the other hand, beautiful gowns are among the most eye-catching additions to the formal line.

  • Periwinkle – Midnight Blue Gown

The dress boasts a beautiful silhouette, sporting a gorgeous midnight blue modern with ari embroidery and ada work, coupled with chatta patti finishings. It has a beautifully embroidered Anarkali-style long gown with ada ornaments and a heavy dupatta. A contrasting golden work on the net dupatta with lovely lace and tissue edging gives more pizzazz to this statement-making combo. This expertly crafted look is further highlighted with a golden work that contrasts with the rest of the ensemble. The stunning ensemble is finished with an embellished dupatta that features Gota and beads finishing for a truly striking statement. Get more dresses from Cross Stitch Winter Sale.

  • Erica – Ethereal White Suit

Erica is rendered in a beautiful off-white canvas and is enlivened with an intricate yet heavy embroidered border on the hem and detailed hand embellishment on the yoke. Block print, ari embroidery, and ada work are all over the shirt, and the shirt features ada work all over it. There will never be a day when a classic white Shalwar Kameez is no longer fashionable. The shirt and shalwar are lavishly decorated with intricate ari embroidery and heavy hand decorations.

The dress is combined with an organza dupatta that features gotta, embroidered detail, and tissue edging to produce a highly ornate formal dresses that will serve as an ultimate keepsake and a fundamental for the upcoming holiday season—paired with a printed pure organza dupatta that features intricate motifs. Colours that bring more light into the space A stunning modern-style shirt with block printing, ari embroidery, and ada work, combined with a loose shalwar and a dupatta made of pure organza. This dignified appearance is an absolute must for the upcoming festive season.

  • Kalmia – Graceful Black Suit

A black shalwar kameez blend of modern and traditional styles is represented artistically with meticulously detailed needlework that includes ari embroidery, block print embroidery, and ada work. This intriguing design exudes elegance and a timeless allure, making it a remarkable design example. This style, indistinguishable from art, is an absolute necessity for any wardrobe that takes itself seriously.

Combining intricate embroidery with a front open shirt, embellished neckline, and daman, this ensemble is completed with a pure organza dupatta. The sweater has satin borders embroidered with ari designs and ada work done on them, creating an incredible abundance of luxury. You are accompanied by a block-printed pure organza dupatta that features Kiran and tissue finishing. Akbar Aslam knows what styles and silhouettes work for you just like Almirah Winter Sale, so you can focus on finding one unique to your vision of a perfect dress.

  • Molly- Ink Blue Gown

The ideal shade of inky blue blends in perfectly with the current era. Thanks to the subtle peek-a-boo blousing on the three-quarter sleeves, it has a modern feel. The front, sleeves, and back all feature a complementary green and plum-toned embroidery design with an additional element of colour loop added to the neckline. The front side panels and the trouser have lovely elaborate pleat details. If you like simple dresses then check out Morbagh winter sale.

The use of distinctive blue tones across a canvas is impressive. A delicate white lace insert design has been added to the cuffs of the sleeves. It goes exceptionally well with the solid white embroidered design below the front neckline. This laid-back yet stylishly festive atmosphere is just what we require. You can wear your hair in a fun and flirty style or one that’s more traditional. You can choose accessories to create a look that’s unique to you and not what everyone else is wearing.

  • Fluer – Pink Formal Wear Dress

Studies show that when you dress up nicely, it improves your confidence. And thus, your productivity goes up. Beautifully crafted from a remarkable glamorous shade of baby pink, Fleur features traditional shalwar kameez adorned with heavy handwork embroidery and embellishments. You can never go wrong with Pink! The feminine colour palette of this stunning colour is implemented beautifully.

With so many different options, it is essential to consider what dress will work best for your style and personality. Pink embroidered sleeves and shirt with a highlight of scallop detail at front and trouser hem. Each panel is dyed individually to achieve a unique pattern entirely. Small insert lace was added on the front and back panels and paired with a beautiful pure organza dupatta with bold embellished motifs all over, giving the perfect traditional vibe.

  • Citrine – Akbar Aslan Winter Sale

Every day is a fashion show for young women, and society serves as the runway. This Pakistani formal wear gown in a soft pastel yellow hue exudes a classic elegance that never goes out of style. The kora and adda artwork looks excellent on the floor-length dress with beautiful embellishments. In addition to that, it comes with an organza dupatta that has embroidery on it. This suit is ideal for you if you want to present yourself respectably. If you want something western then check out Breakout winter sale.

The perfect look can be achieved by wearing this ensemble to any formal function, including weddings. For this reason, they wish to wear the characteristic dress whenever possible to get the prettiest look, reflecting their sense of fashion and personality. As a result, people investigate the brand to acquire other dresses that are like. We suggest keeping it as simple as possible because you want to feel comfortable. Having a lot to handle can make it all complicated for you. Wearing excessive jewellery and accessories would only add to the hassle.

  • Kayffir – Elegant Cherry Red Ensemble

It’s possible that your life isn’t perfect, but you can make it perfect by donning dazzling clothing because that’s the one thing that can change how you feel in a matter of minutes. This season’s trendiest colour is a saturated cherry red, and the fit of this outfit is slightly loose. Embroidered details on the front, back, and sleeves, including a side slash highlight and embroidered motifs. There is a detail at the front neckline that is reminiscent of an Angrakha. The hem, sleeves, and fringe trim are all made of fabric. Check more similar dresses from Gul Ahmed winter sale.

A stunning Angrakha-style dress is offered, and it comes in a colour combination that is both daring and traditional. It is unobtrusive while simultaneously having an edge. It was topped off with a substantial embellishment consisting of a golden chatta patti. Embroidered detail at the front of the neckline and a dori tassel at the back. The shalwar features a lovely self-print on its inner seams—a small embroidered border at the slim-fit shalwar hem. Therefore, you should always dress appropriately to walk with self-assurance and stamina.

  • Crystal – Akbar Aslam Embroidered Winter Sale

Shopping for a dress to wear to a formal event can be a trying task. There is a lot of pressure on you to locate the ideal dress, and many decisions must be made, all of which require you to think about what you want in terms of the style, the fit, and the colour of the dress. Crystal is a flawless gown that has elaborate bead and sequin embroidery.

The vast majority of brides-to-be are blissfully unaware that when selecting wedding guest dresses, they have the same amount of creative leeway as they did while choosing their wedding gown. If you are ready for an entirely new look, this is the perfect opportunity for girls who are prepared to change things at weddings.

  • Carnelian – Alluring Red Lehenga

You are free from the constraints that previous customs and assumptions placed on you. On that day, you are free to act and dress however you like and to be whoever you are without fear of being judged. Carnelian is an alluring red lehenga with heavy embroidery. The complementing dupatta has thick lace all around it. You can select a dress that, rather than being too long or too short, too tight or too loose, too formal or too informal, should make you feel beautiful and confident in yourself. Now that you know what dress works best for your body type and now that there is more of an emphasis on buying online, you will have more options when shopping online from the brand’s official website. You can get cape shawls from Outfitters winter sale for keeping yourself safe from harsh winter.

Spending time deciding what to wear the next day can be a hassle. But don’t worry! We have a solution. We say that you keep it simple. If you prefer eastern wear, then Akbar Aslam formal collection would do. Besides all the gorgeous varieties, our unique style will make your celebration more fantastic. The most recent formal collection by Akbar Aslam features dresses that have been stitched and hand decorated, and the rates for these dresses are reasonable. In addition, it allows its customers to shop online and offers free delivery to their homes. So, rush up, choose your desired outfit from the list below, and grab the best one for yourself.

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