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Faiza Saqlain Winter Sale 2024 Upto 20% Off [Special Prices]


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The strength of originality is that no one else can ever truly take your place. Here you will find several examples of formal gowns designed by Faiza Saqlain that are both gorgeous and trendy. You will find a variety of versatile styles that will push the boundaries of your personality. Check out Faiza Saqlain winter sale at an amazing sale price with 20% off on selected items.

The industry needs to be led by technological innovation to create youthful and active styles for both men and women. Nonetheless, compared to men, women have a greater need for creative yet subdued thoughts about what to wear. As a result, Faiza Saqlain has difficulty coming up with appealing formal costumes for ladies that may bring out their glam side.

The charmingly detailed designs created by Faiza Saqlain have propelled the brand to the forefront of Pakistani high fashion. The current age is known as the era of fashion and technology. Unquestionably, the instant you decide to be who you are will be the beginning of your natural beauty. Let’s send a resounding thank-you to the designer for creating such an exciting portfolio.

Faiza Saqlain Winter Sale ft. Saheefa Khattak

Faiza Saqlain’s creations are so beautiful that they have permeated Pakistani high fashion. The fashion designer first opened its doors in Lahore in 2012, and it quickly rose to the top of the industry because of the sophisticated and modern silhouettes that were infused with delicate yet traditional embellishments. The colors you see on your screen may not be an exact match to the real thing. Indeed, you will be overwhelmed with classy and signature outfits.

Both couture and a premium line are available from the brand, which is something that customers eagerly anticipate.  A woman’s beauty is the result of constant effort and careful planning. Also, you have to eradicate your negative and unpleasant vibes by replacing them with an idealized version of cleanliness. There is no such thing as an accidentally stunning appearance. For instance, you must have a beautiful dress in your closet to bring glam looks. Here are some of the latest formal outfits that you can wear to events.

  • Baari – Attractive Peach Ensemble

Baari features an attractive shade of peach and includes floral trellises on both the sleeves and across the neck. This ethereal silhouette is perfect for holiday celebrations because it is layered over a crushed sharara and a tulle dupatta adorned with a net. Embody the essence of femininity in this turquoise embroidered long kameez and pant combination from Maryam Hussain winter sale as well.

Baari is teamed with a dupatta that features matching embroidery to finish off the look. Further, it is coordinated with a brocade fabric sharara for a royal look. All of our products are made by hand with great attention to detail and love put into their production. The labor-intensive hours are necessary for superb craftsmanship. The fashionable designs are embellished in a way that is both sophisticated and classic by the fashion designer.

  • Darya – Multi-colored Formal Wear

Everyone desires to glam up their looks. Indeed, a perfect outfit adds fuel to the fire and makes you look modest and chic. To survive in the modern world of fashion, one must have a fashionable outfit. Faiza Saqlain is a contemporary brand that is known and respected all over the world. The imaginative fashion designer has accessorized the garment in a way that is intended to capture your attention just like you have seen in Maria B winter sale.

Darya is a long blouse that has been painstakingly decorated around the collar and features a flowery pattern that is continuous throughout. The brand has introduced signature floral patterns and elegant aesthetics that exude femininity with the change of each season. This style is finished off with straight pants that have a slim fit and are paired with a dark pink dupatta with an intricately framed ornamental print. Stay active and choose a glamorous outfit for yourself to survive in this modern world. Let’s have a look at the following embellished dress.

  • Parisa – Faiza Saqlain Winter Sale

Being glamorous, chic, and confident is all about strength and power. A woman can never look bright unless she struggles for it. Therefore, we guide our customers to put a little struggle for an effortlessly chic look. The success that Faiza Saqlain has achieved may be seen in the festive collection that she designed. Crystals, kora, and dabka are embroidered by hand onto a plush pink canvas to create Parisa.

This shirt features a tone-on-tone digital print, and it is combined with flared slacks and a silk dupatta that has broad borders in shades of hot pink, yellow, and green. A canvas of an enticing shade of pink is employed for kurtas and culottes that are of a mid-length length. The entire outfit features floral motifs on the entire surface of the dress. This streamlined design is adorned with gold tilla and mirror work for a luxurious look. This ensemble, which comes complete with a silk dupatta, is sure to impress at any winter celebration you attend.

  • Mirana- Green Gharar With Red Dupatta

The Mirana dress is a timeless design that has been digitally printed in an emerald green hue on silk. The neckline of the shirt is embellished with crystals, dabka, and sequins, and it comes with gharara and a red dupatta for contrast. The front of the raw silk shirt from Korea features motifs that have been manually stitched. In any case, it features an intricately designed neckline that lends an air of vogue to the whole appearance. You can get similar designs from Hussain Rehar Winter Sale too at discounted prices.

The gharara is crafted from crushed tussar silk, while the dupatta is made of organza that has been embroidered. Make your outfits stand out by pairing them with shoes that have contrasting colors or patterns. If a lady is not comfortable in a completely adorned and flared floor-length dress, she will never look attractive, so such women should wear a delicate knee-length dress to accommodate their comfort level.

  • Makali – Faiza Saqlain Winter Sale

The base of the Makali is a dark purple color, cut to a more feminine silhouette. The shirt’s neckline is ornamented and features a contrasting border in green. The green dupatta is digitally printed on all four sides, creating an exquisite border around it. It is laughable to believe that some people are ignorant of the significance of traditional embroidered attires. The following outfit has a geometrically patched raw silk shirt. The whole shirt has a fully embroidered and embellished front.

Instead, we believe a woman can emanate great grace and elegance if she dresses in a shalwar kameez. Take a look at how stunning Saheefa Jabbar Khatak looks below in a traditional shalwar kameez made of raw silk in purple. Indeed, you will look different in the galaxy of people around you if you opt for this staggering dress. Therefore, you need to make the charming season more pleasant with an exquisite outfit and footwear.

  • Safaa – Contrasting Yellow Dress

An outstanding appearance will be achieved for you via the artful combination of colors and modern styles. Fabricated from silk in a brilliant yellow color Safaa is adorned at the neck and features a digitally printed design. The shirt is worn with a shalwar and a green dupatta that contrasts with the color of the shalwar and is printed with flower designs. The front and back of the elegant garment are all covered with intricate embroidery.

In addition to that, it has beautifully embroidered sleeves, and the shoulders are puffed up, which creates an outstanding style. The sleeves have meticulously stitched floral trellises to create an illusion of flair. Both the dress’s patchwork and embroidery may be seen in their exposed forms. Organza embroidered dupatta completes the appearance. If you want something casual then check out Ego winter sale.

  • Arsiya – Faiza Saqlain Winter Sale

The Arsiya has a traditionally feminine design and is colored lime green. This number exudes everlasting elegance thanks to its embellishment with Naqshi, Resham, sequins, and a floral hemline that contrasts with the rest. Choose an item from Faiza Saqlain’s formal collection if you are in the market for a delicate, captivating, and magnificent dress. The designs that Faiza Saqlain has produced for women are very fresh and full of vitality just like Sana Safinaz.

Her aesthetic sensibility is deserving of widespread praise and admiration. The ensemble is finished off with a wide pair of pants and a dupatta made of digitally printed organza. In addition to that, it contains exquisite net embroidery on the back and sleeves. The handcrafted and decorated net dupatta is a beautiful addition to the overall outfit. In addition to that, a silk pajama is included in the package.

The industry behemoth owes much of its success to adopting contemporary silhouettes. Many individuals observed the well-known Indian celebrity Priyanka Chopra wearing this brand. You may view the portfolio, which contains understated designs. Now that the wait is finally over, the dazzling collection of formal dresses designed by Faiza Saqlain has been made available to the public. Now is the moment to take your style to the next level by donning one of the gorgeous costumes up there. Please consider the exciting portfolio presented and share your thoughts and opinions with us in the below section.

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