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Khaadi Winter Collection 2024 Sale Upto 50% Off On Selected Items


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Dressing for winter can be frustrating because no one wants to look like a sack of clothes. This is especially true if you live somewhere with very cold winters. In this case, you most likely choose warmth and comfort over style. But, you definitely don’t have to choose between the two. Practicality and style absolutely can go together. Check out the Khaadi winter collection which is now available in sale upto 50% off.

Everyone has a different fashion sense that they like to show with their winter outfits. In Pakistan, the options for the ladies are limited as the shalwar kameez is one of the most commonly worn ensembles for daily wear. But Khaadi is not only limited to eastern wear. You can find an amazing variety of western wear and beautiful outerwear for completing your stylish winter look.

Khaadi has got the best ones covered for you at budget-friendly rates and the collection is fashion-forward and perfect for staying warm in the cold season. There are plenty of outfits that include lots of layers, prints, and embroidery that will actually get you excited about dressing in winter. Check out the trending essentials you need this winter to pump up your style! Don’t forget to scroll all the way down to the bottom!

Khaadi Winter Collection Sale Upto 50% Off 

Despite the chaos, a woman is always intended to do something different. Indeed, you can challenge your individuality if you opt for a unique style. The creative designers facilitate the public through magnificent outfit ideas. You will not regret checking out these dresses in unstitched and stitched categories. Different colors, fabrics, styles and so much more! You will find greatness and inspiration in all of these fashionable looks. Conquer the world with the right and wise choice of clothes to be the best version of yourself. Embrace the delicate and intricate dresses of the Khaadi winter collection below and have a blissful season. I hope you will love the anonymous hues and vibrant combinations.

1- Khaadi Winter Fabrics

Due to its stunning designs and cost-effectiveness, Khaadi is one of the top brands. Additionally, designers are adept at satisfying customers’ extreme needs. Also, it is well known for its premium materials and long-lasting fabric. You can purchase or create your winter clothing in the colours and styles of your choice thanks to the wide variety of fabrics that are available. The immense variety of intricate designs propels the public to opt for its branded clothes. Plus, it launches a striking collection with the arrival of every season that attracts the crowd at large. Usually, teen girls opt for Khaadi unstitched collection.

  • 1pc Mix & Match Fabrics

1pc mix and match are made with the coziest fabrics that do in fact shield your body from cold and give you a soothing look, Khaadi offers its devoted consumers a full range of winter fabrics. Your season will be much more unforgettable thanks to the clothing’s original patterns and styles. Enjoy your winter by shopping from the interesting selection available in shops and online. It goes without saying that 1pc Khaadi fabrics will be part of your winter wardrobe.

  • 2pc Unstitched Shirt & Trouser

There are numerous alternatives for creating amazing styles in the unstitched 2pc category by Khaadi. Here, shirts are available with trousers. As a result, we are offering a selection of inexpensive patterned embroidered dresses made of dobby and khaddar fabric. So, purchase your favorite attire from any retail location and get it customized. You can choose to wear knee-length shirts because they are fashionable right now. With these fabrics accessible in a large range of hues, you can buy or design your winter outfits in hues and styles of your preference.

  • 2pc Unstitched Shirt & Dupatta

Women are constantly looking for vibrant hues that show their endearing personalities. In any case, Khaadi has a separate selection of charming two-piece unstitched outfits that include a shirt and dupatta, created from the khaddar material. Khaddar, cambric, and dobby being one of the most used fabrics for winter wear in Pakistan, can also be named the lawns of the winter.

They are commonly used in casual wear suits that are worn by ladies on a daily basis. You can also find pretty semi-formal wear women’s dresses made of these fabrics as well. These gorgeous khaddar and dobby outfits will normalize your appearance while keeping you cozy and at ease. We have fantastic printed suits for you right here. These gowns can be altered to fit your unique style.

  • 3pc Winter Fabrics

Khaddar is the fabric that is utilized in a variety of casual wear 3pc unstitched winter collections. It is slightly thicker than linen, which aids in body temperature regulation. Wearing stunning brilliant Khaadi dresses can add charm and make your character more attractive. A well-decorated dress, as you know, is always eye-catching. As a result, Khaadi created stunning 3pc dresses that will definitely turn heads at your parties. Look down at the wonderfully designed dresses that will undoubtedly renew and adorn your winter look. You may readily get patterned or embroidered khaddar suits combined with woollen shawls that are ideal for Pakistan’s chilly winters.

  • 3pc Formal wear Khaas Collection

Women, particularly teenagers, want a colorful selection of dresses for the festive season. Probably, the Khaas winter collection includes a wide range of options for you. However, Khaadi provides a beautiful collection to fulfill the needs of its clients. These attires are beautifully handwoven and hand-embroidered with finnese. These beautiful winter three-piece suits are great for semi-formal and formal wear. All you need to do is stitch your dress in the style shown below and pair it with classic shoes to complete your look.

Khaadi Ready to Wear Catalog

Khaadi has added its exclusive pret designs to the sale. Khaadi’s beautiful pret shirts and bottoms are now available online and in shops at 50% off the sale price. Pret is generally more expensive than unstitched fabric. However, having ready-to-wear clothing with discounts will save you time and money. So look down and peruse Khaadi’s winter pret collection.

  • Eastern Pret Shirts

If your style speaks elegance, class, and comfortable clothing then these pret shirts for women are waiting for you. You can choose from variations of check prints and velvet skirts for an upgrade. Pair it with trousers by Khaadi and a sweater from Khaadi western wear for a complete look. You can also pair it up with an overcoat if the weather is too cold. We are definitely in love with these shirts.  It is time to shop and upgrade your wardrobe with these trending ready-to-wear shirts.

  • Classic Trousers & Culottes

Khaadi has all the pretty trousers and culottes for girls. Play with colors, and pick an offbeat one for a unique look. Again, you can count these as your basic winter wear below any shirt or frock.  These classic trousers and culottes look absolutely the right fit for any look. These should definitely be in your everyday winter wear collection. Remember these trousers can redefine your entire look when it comes to going out. Be wise about the look you pick for a party or casual occasion as it can make a look or break one too.

Khaadi Western Wear Catalog

You have got to have at least one winter essential in your wardrobe from the Khaadi western winter collection. Be it a  sweatshirt or a thick pullover hoodie. These look stunning when paired with thigh-high boots, an infinity scarf, and the perfect pair of accessories. Do not miss out on these essentials when it comes to winter wear for women. Buy a couple of them in different colors to have your winter wardrobe sorted.

  • Trendy Hoodies for Girls

It is time to make a statement with these trendy Hoodies. It is time to ditch the usual jackets and sweaters and go for these stylish hoodies as they are trending huge this season. Let’s accept it none of us can do without comfy hoodies in winters. The real style statement comes out really well with these winter essentials. You have got to have one in your wardrobe as these are basic yet chic because of their versatile nature. You can wear it to a casual day out plan as it is perfect for everyday occasions.

  • Stylish Sweatshirts

If trendy and stylish is your style then these Khaadi winter collection sweatshirts are just what you need in your winter wardrobe. Don’t forget to experiment with colors, go beyond basic shades and pick a unique color. Pair it with your favorite trousers or black jeggings for an everyday look. Not everybody is comfortable with fitted sweatshirts, today’s trend is all about comfortable clothing and making a statement.

This winter season is all about oversized sweatshirts, how about getting one this time? It looks absolutely chic, stylish, and super comfy. Beat the cold in style with this oh! so simplistic oversized sweatshirt perfect for casual wear. Complete your look with a pair of thigh-high boots to make a statement. One can also pair it with ripped jeans to make a style statement. It is all about pairing it right and following the new trends to keep up with fashion.

  • Boot Cut Pants & Jersey Tights

Go offbeat this winter with these bootcut pants and tights which look absolutely stunning. If you are into experimenting with fashion then you have got to have these classy pants in your wardrobe. Next time you wear a sweatshirt or a sweater in winter, then make sure you pair one of these pants as they look super stylish and revamp your entire look. These are one of the must-have winter essentials that you can’t miss out on. Beat the cold in the best way possible that too in style!

Winter Shoes Collection

If you still don’t have a mule or loafer in your wardrobe then you are definitely going wrong. Keep your basics in hand. A basic set of mules is necessary for casual day outs. You have got to have your basic colors in hand for college wear, luncheon, shopping day out, and whatnot. They are just a perfect fit for everyday wear.

These shoes for women might seem like a cliche but they are just what you need to beat the real cold that too in style. Buying a basic black one would also be a wise decision as the color is versatile and would go perfectly well with most of your casual wear. If your style is sophisticated, offbeat, and classy then you can definitely pull off one in green color too.

Make a style statement and beat the cold in the fanciest way possible with the Khaadi winter collection which is now available at a sale price. The dresses are stylish, warm, and comfy, what else can you ask for? Go out looking all fabulous without being an Eskimo this winter. You will be amazed to see the variety of designs and colors available in the collection. Your winter wardrobe is definitely incomplete without Khaadi winter collection.

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